CBD and Your Pets!

As the CBD boom continues, pets are enjoying pot, too...

CBD and Your Pets!

The newest indicator that pets have essentially become furry humans? Pet owners are starting to give dogs and cats CBD in the form of oils and chews.

In 2018, pet CBD sales totaled about $20m of the overall $600m pet supplements market. In the next several years, these CBD sales are expected to grow ~50% annually.


Pet owners hope CBD can prolong life!

Nobody wants to see a pet die, and people believe supplements will help them live longer. At the very least, CBD soothes joint pain and treats anxiety as they get older and more vulnerable.

And though about 50% of dogs are under age 4 now, that means a silver pet tsunami is coming in the future.

“I’ve had dogs my whole life and the hardest part is losing them,” says Darcy Bomford, founder of the pet CBD company True Leaf. “And you’ll do absolutely what it takes to make it better for them at the end.”

CBD may jump from a supplement to a food ingredient

For now, CBD is available only as a supplement. Bomford believes that in the future restrictions will ease, and the ingredient will be allowed in pet food and pet treats.

That’s right: Before you know it, Sparky will be wolfing down CBD for breakfast.


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